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Curry R. Blake (1959 - vivente) Una Voce di Guarigione

di John G. Lake Ministries
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(1959 - living)

A Voice of Healing

(The last update of this biography was made in 2002)

Curry Blake was born on 1, 1959 in Jasper. Texas.

At 17 months of age he was hit by an automobile in the driveway of his Grandparents home. His father did not see him as he was backing out. The car ran over his head, ripping his right ear off. The car's wheel also pinched his scalp to the point that it ripped from his right ear to his left ear. This ripping caused his scalp to be pulled down across his forehead to the top of his eyes.

His grandfather came out of the house, picked him up, picked up his ear, put him in his truck and drove him to the hospital. The doctors told his mother to buy a casket and plan his funeral because there was no way he could survive such extensive brain damage. But his mother was Pentecostal. She began to pray. She told God that if He would spare Curry's life, she would raise him and train him to serve Him.

The doctors came out of surgery to tell her that if he lived, he would be completely handicapped and that someone would have to care for him the rest of his life.

The doctors went back to surgery and his mother went back to praying. This time she said, God, If you're going to let him live, then heal him completely. "After some time, the doctors returned saying, "Well, we can't find any signs of brain damage, but, if he lives and even if he doesn't have any brain damage, he will never have any hair, and he will never hear out of his right ear." Once again his mother began praying. She told God, that if He was going to let Curry live, that he would be of no use to Him unless he was completely healed. Today, nearly 40 years later, he is totally and perfectly healed. He has an above average IQ, a full head of hair, and perfect hearing in both ears.

Because of the accident Curry's mother decided bot to send him to kindergarten, but rather to begin teaching him at home. His mother taught him how to read by using the King James Version of the Bible. Before Curry started elementary school he had read throught the Bible several times, often reading his mother to sleep.

At 17 years of age, Curry enlisted in the U.S. Air Force as Security Police, Law Enforcement Specialist. During his term of enlistment, God began to deal with him about answering the call to ministry. After some time he decided to go with his heart. He began to pray about being released from his enlistment contract. Within 3 days, Curry was called to the Commanding Officer's office, where he was informed that there were too many Security Police at that time and Curry was given the choice of either changing fields or getting an Honorable Discharge with full G. I. benefits. He took the latter.

Curry went home to share the news with his father and mother that he was going to preach. When he told them what had happened, his mother told him how I had been given to God 17 years earlier. He had known about his accident, and how God had delivered him, but he had not known about his mother's dedicating him to God.

Curry Later met Dawn Stewart and was married on Oct. 10, 1977 after a 6 month courtship. They will be celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary this year (2002).

On Nov. 17, 1978 Curry and Dawn gave birth to their first child, Erika Dawn Blake. Erika was born with an Hemangioma Tumor. The tumor was about the size of a man's fist. The tumor was in a very unusual location (inside Erika's tongue) which mad it possible for doctor's to study it without having to do surgery. Erika lived for nearly 3 years before she passed away on Friday, February 13th, 1981. She was buried in Restland Cementary in McKinney, Tx. John Blake, Cury & Dawn's second child was born on March 9th, 1980. On Oct. 20, 1981, their third child, Christel Dawn was born in Sherman, Texas, and their fourth child, Angela Rebekah (aka: Becky) was born on Nov. 6th, 1982.

When Becky was 7 years old, she fell from a second story window onto a concrete patio. By the time Curry reached her, she was dead. He picked her up and walked around the patio saying, "In the Name of Jesus, you will live and not die. "This continued for over five minutes. He walked into the dining room and placed her on the floor, propping her up against a wall. She was still dead, with no heartbeat, and no breath. He knelt down in front of his daughter and continued saying, "In the Name of Jesus, you will live and not die." After another 20 or 30 times of repeating this statement, his daughter suddenly expelled a strong breath, spewing blood onto his shirt. The first words she spoke was, "Daddy, I'm hungry." They took her to the hospital where doctor's confirmed that she had been dead for at least 15 - 25 minutes. Today, that daughter, Becky, is a born-again, spirit-filled, missionary-minded young lady.

In 1981, through a series of God ordained circumstances, Curry was introduced to Wilford Reidt (John G. Lake's son-in-law). Curry had been doing extensive research into the early pentecostal pioneers. Every week Curry would call Rev. Reidt and ask questions regarding Dr. Lake's life and ministry. This continued for almost 6 years. Shortly before Rev. Reidt's passing in 1987, he sent letters, sermons, and various other materials concerning Dr. Lake to Curry.

In September of 1996, God led Curry to re-open the John G. Lake School of Ministry which was to be operated on a love offering basis only. An advertisement was placed in the September issue of Charisma magazine. Today there are over 300 students in 34 foreign countries and 45 states of the U. S.

"God miraculously enabled me to go to East Africa and establish the Bible School in two nations. During this trip, 70 young men were ordained that have since started over 700 churches across central Africa. (The booklet, "My First Trip To Africa" details this mission.) While in Africa, I was blessed to see many other wonderful healings and deliverances that are now beginning to occur in our ministry here in the U.S. Due to the obedience of this trip, upon my arrival back in the U.S., we were given 22 acres of land by the government of Zimbabwe, for the purpose of building a non-denominational church, bible school, and orphanage. This project is estimated to cost approx. $159,000.00. The land alone is appraised at a value of $175,000.00. God is truly moving in an awesome way in these last days."

"It has been my privilege to sit under the ministries of some of the most anointed men of God of this generation. Dr. Lester Sumrall was both my Pastor, my Bible School Teacher, and my mentor. My wife and I were in charge of Dr. Sumrall's night-time prayer line ministry during our time at his Church and Bible school."

"The Rev. Wilford Reidt (the son-in-law of the late Dr. John G. Lake) and his wife, Gertrude (Dr. Lake's daughter) were my good friends and mentors. Upon Rev. Reidt's death in 1987, I was privileged with assuming the Presidency of the International Apostolic Council, an organization founded by the late Dr. John G. Lake in 1914."

John Lake had given a prophesy in 1934 and in this prophesy, he told about how his ministry would be passed on in later years to someone else and that it would be taken to greater depths. And gave details about the man who would someday have the ministry. This is why Wilford Reidt passed the ministry onto Curry Blake, because of this prophesy and much prayer.

"In continuing his work, we are in the process of establishing divine healing homes throughout the U.S. We are available to speak anywhere we are asked, anytime we are asked. My ministry is to provoke the family of God to reach out in faith and believe God to perform the miraculous."

(Taken from John G. Lake Ministries official web site:

Healing Testimonies

The following are just a few of the healing testimonies documented in 1998, taken from the "Year in Review" Issue of "The Apostolic Mission" Newsletter, Jan. 1999:

March 8, 1998 - Bro. Blake Ministered in Nokona, Texas at Abundant Life Pentecostal Church of God. Bro. Blake told the congregation that if anyone was sick and would come forward they would be healed. Thirty-four responded to the call. Every person that came for healing, left healed.

May - Aug. - Held Emmanuel School of Ministry in Sherman, Tx. Course: Divine Healing. Every person attending the school that needed physical healing was healed. We recorded over 100 healing during this period.

Aug. 10 - Bro. Curry Blake was featured on KMPX channel 29 in Dallas on the "Celebration with Marcus and Joni Lamb" program. Over 300 calls came in for prayer and/or healing during the 30 min. program. Over the next three weeks The International Apostolic Council received another 346 calls because of the program, and even now letters and calls still come in daily for healing and other need. Of the 646 calls for healing received during the month of August, 586 were healed instantly or within 24 hours after ministry, 43 reported they were healed within 2 weeks, 15 we have not heard from.

Shortly after Christmas, Bro. & Sis. Blake had to go to Dillard's at Valley View Mall so Sis. Blake could exchange a gift. While there Bro. Blake noticed a little, elderly Hispanic woman with a little boy (her grandson), who seemed to be lost, because she kept wandering around. Bro. Blake began to follow her around the store. Finally after determining that there was indeed something wrong with her foot, he approached her. She could not speak any English and Bro. Blake only speaks enough Spanish to order Tacos at Taco Bell. After a short time of hand signals and universal motions, Bro. Blake was allowed to pray for her foot. He knelt down in the aisle of the store (with shoppers passing by giving strange looks to why a "white" man would be holding this little Spanish woman's foot in his hands) and began thanking God for the opportunity to minister healing to this person. He then commanded healing to flow into the foot and for the foot to be totally healed. When he finished, he stood up, took the woman by the arm and led her around, making sure she put her heel down with each step. After a short walk, he then asked her if she had any pain. She said no. Bro. Blake told her that Jesus Christ had made her well, and she said "Jesus". When she walked away she did not limp or "favor" the foot in any way.

Laurie B. - (Referred to the Blake's by Peter T.) Told by Doctors that she had only a few months to live. They told her to make video tapes and write letters so that her baby son would have some way to remember her when he grew up. Doctors had removed her female organs and one lung. She comes from a Baptist background. The healing power of God came upon her while being ministerd to. She had no idea what was happening and was almost slain in the Spirit, having to be caught by Peter T. After ministry, she stated that "something" went "whoosh" through her body from head to toe. Doctor's later told her that they could find nothing serious enough to warrant an operation.

Peter T. - Diagnosed by Doctors as having Mercury Poisoning, and intestinal and digestive problems. Ministered to by Bro. Curry Blake, after 4 years of treatment by doctors (with no positive results) Peter came for prayer. He was healed of Mercury poisoning on 1st visit, healed of chronic pain on 2nd visit, and healed of stomach disorder on 3rd visit. (Bro. Blake did not pray for the stomach disorder, rather he simply told Peter that if he would go drink whatever he wanted right then, he would be healed from then on. Peter did just that and was instantly and permanently healed.)

A few weeks ago, Peter T. went to the Blake's (at approx. 1:30 a.m.) after being told that a woman (that he did not know) had passed out at work and when taken to the Hospital, was diagnosed with a brain aneurysm. She was still unconscious and the outlook was not good. Peter asked if Bro. Blake would go with him to the Hospital right then. Bro. Blake, knowing that the Hospital would not let them in at that hour said that he would pray for the woman before bed. Peter and Bro. Blake agreed to go to the Hospital early the next morning. Later, while praying for the woman, he commanded healing and life to enter the woman's body and brain, he commanded the spirit of death to be broken and told the devil that if the woman died he would go to her and raise her up and God would only get more glory. The next morning when Bro. Blake arose, he found Peter asleep in his car, waiting to go to the Hospital. Bro. Blake called the Hospital to find out where the lady was. The Hospital replied that they could only go in during visiting hours. The desk nurse then put Bro. Blake in contact with the family waiting room where he was able to talk to the woman's family. The daughter seemed to have a hard time accepting the fact that someone would want to pray for someone they had never met. She then stated that her mother had regained consciousness early that morning and could recognize everyone by name. The hospital had ran tests but could not find anything so they were going to send her to Dallas for more tests because they thought their machines weren't good enough to detect the problem. Bro. Blake told the daughter that they would not find anything because God had healed the woman. The woman was sent to Dallas and tested. The tests could find nothing wrong. She was kept 24 hours for observation and released. The next day she was home resting and doing well.

(Taken from the book "A Basic Course in Divine Healing" by Curry Blake)

Prophecy by John G. Lake

May 24th, 1934 - Spokane, Washington (USA)

"There shall come upon the church great darkness. The ground gained from the enemy shall be lost and false teachers shall arise and false prophets whose words shall have a ring of truth but will have no substance. They are those who will follow after gain, and greed shall be their God. They shall show forth works but their visions will not exalt Me, saith God, but their own selves and doctrines. Against this there shall come forth by My Spirit, a young man, another voice crying in the wilderness to make straight the way of The Lord, restoring old ways and shoring up the terrible gap in the wall to stop the incoming flood of sin and worldliness that shall surely be in the church in that day. This one will be rejected of men and his brethren will not understand nor accept him."

"I will fill him with My Spirit, with My mind. His life will be precious to Me, for his spirit will bring forth from My Spirit and show his generation of My fullness. He shall be born when this country has stopped growing, for I will bring him forth in the very last days. He shall consecrate himself to Me even as he was consecrated as a child. He will not hearken to the voices that would hinder him, for he is separated unto the work whereunto I have called him."

"He will dwell upon Me night and day. I will remove any hindrances that will place itself against My purposes. I will use him mightily for he shall not only continue the flow of this ministry, but he shall carry it to even greater depths."

"The great works that have been seen, will appear as nought for I will do greater works through him for he is meek and seeks peace. I will cause the pride of life to pass from him and the spirit of achievement instilled in him at an early age, I will cause to leave."

"The enemy will try to kill him a score and five years from my death. Before his second score of years, he shall see all these things begin. Thus saith The Lord."

This is the prophecy given by John G. Lake in 1934. This is the reason that Wilford Reidt, (Lake's son-in-law) gave the Ministry to Curry R. Blake. As noted above the prophecy told about the man that would take his ministry to greater depths, and that he would be born the year the USA stopped growing, which was 1959, since the last state was added to the Union in 1959. And just as the prophecy said, Curry was run over by a car 25 years after Lake's death, to the exact day, that is on September 16, 1960 (John G. Lake went to be with the Lord on 16 September, 1935).

Wilford and Gertrude Reidt (Lake's daughter) prayed for over 9 months about who to give the Ministry to. At that time there was a board of members on the ministry team, but every time that they went to prayer, the Lord showed them Curry. So this is why he has been handed the John G. Lake Ministry. If you will notice, it says that he would see these things before his 40th, birthday. (Before his second score of years) And he has.

He went to Africa in 1997. There he commissioned 70 young men. They went out and from there, over 702 churches were born.

"Over the past year we have seen the dead raised, the deaf hear, and the lame walk! Many, many Miracles! Praise God for his Goodness & Mercy!"

(Taken from John G. Lake Ministries official web site:

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